Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Technology Hates Me

It’s true. Ask my family.

I was going to be a really good girl and get my blog posted yesterday on schedule, but the Internet, or the server, or the wireless thingy in the house was against me. They were probably all in cahoots with each other.

“Snicker, snicker. How can we mess her up today?”

Through the years, electronic devices will some times not work for me. They are working fine all week then suddenly they won’t turn on when I press the button. I try several times. I tell my husband that such and such is broken. He presses the button to try it and it works. This has happened numerous times.

The worst offender is my husband’s car and remote. It doesn’t like me. I’m sure of it. Things won’t work, fuses blow, and the remote won’t work. It’s true.

I was out with my daughter in my husband’s car. She was still a little skeptical about me and the car. She informed me that her dad waited a few seconds after closing the door before pressing the button to lock and alarm the car. I waited a few seconds and asked her if that was long enough. She nodded. I pointed and pushed the button. Nothing. I pressed again. Nothing.

She just stared at the car like it had betrayed her. I pressed the button again and again. I held it high in the air, twisted it this way and that. I finally had to lock it with the key, which meant it wasn’t alarmed, but I get to the point that I don’t care.

The car remote would work for me about one out of twenty times. For my husband, it works every time. EVERY TIME! The remote works for all three of my children. It’s me and only me it discriminates against. A girl can’t help but get a complex.

We have a running joke that when we go to watch a movie at home, that I shouldn’t touch the equipment if we really want to watch something. It doesn’t happen all the time, but from time to time things decide not to work for me. And I never know when that will be.

So that is why I am late with my post on week two. Electronics don’t’ like me. That is my story and I’m sticking to it. ;-P

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