Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mini China Dolls

In the novella Faithful that I’m posting on Fridays, I have Hannah assemble and dress a China doll for little Sophie. So I thought I’d post a pair of mini China dolls I just made some dresses for.

These two little cuties are 5 ½” tall. She was so cute I had to make two. Then I couldn’t decide which fabric or pattern to use for the dresses, so I made several. I may even make a few more.

My doll friends think I’m crazy for making the really small dolls. I figure that I’ll make them while I can still see (with the aid of glasses). Also, small dolls take up less space and I can fit more of them in my house without having to sell any of my children.

The doll that Hannah would have made for Sophie would have been about 15”-16” tall. But I thought these little cuties would give you an idea of the kind of doll she was dressing and maybe the kind of dress Hannah would have made.

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