Monday, May 18, 2009

Snym is back!

Snym is a beautiful white Siamese. Please don't ask what his name means. My son named him. Snym doesn't really mean anything. It just is.

Snym is my son's cat, and he is moving back for a while so his cat is coming too. Snym has arrived a couple of weeks ahead of my son. Three of our cats and our dog are adjusting just fine even after one night, a few hissy fits here and there, but nothing serious.

My cat on the other hand will have the longest adjustment period. She is a people cat (madly in love with my husband) and only tolerates the other pets. When snym comes around, she sounds just like a cougar. Seriously! I didn't know a little domesticated house cat could make those large wild cat sounds. Given time she will quit freaking out.

Now I can't wait for my son to get here.

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