Monday, June 15, 2009

Renaissance Festival

We have a great Renaissance Festival in our area. We go every year. We wouldn't miss it. This past weekend was opening weekend. We had a great time and took one of my son’s friends with us who never knew the festival was there. He had a great time.

If you've never been to a Renaissance Festival, you are missing out. It allows you to step back in time. Food, entertainment, and harassment.

The food is great. We always have a turkey leg. They are delicious. There is also frozen flavored ice on a half of an orange, funnel cakes, baklava, corn on the cob, beef kabob, turkey sausage, shaved ice, smoothies, and much more.

There are shows going on all over the festival all the time. There’s a magician, acrobats, jugglers, ventriloquist, hypnotist, comedians, musicians, storytellers, and much more. We have our favorite shows and usually find a new one or two each year. Last year Cast in Bronze was there. He plays Carillon Bells and is fantastic. If you go to the link below and wait for it to load, you can hear him play. Or go to Cast in Bronze Web site.

There are dozens of little shops. There is pottery, glass blowing, swords, period clothing, jewelry, leather journals, crowns, wings, stained glass, artists, hair braiding, and so much more.

The festival hires actors to roam the park or to stand around and harass you. They are great. They call out to you as you walk by and some times they might start walking with you. They are always in costume and in character with old world speak. One of the ticket taker girls at the gate was calling out my son and his friend (they are both 20) to come over to her. My son and his friend were far to shy for that. Their eyes got big and they stayed with us as we entered. It’s always fun. Especially when your son turns red at a pretty girl calling to him.

Of course, King Henry is there every year with his full court of ladies.

I look forward to going a couple more time this summer .

For more information on my local festival go to
You can also Google Renaissance Festival to see if you can find one in your area.

Have fun!

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