Friday, December 29, 2017

Clayton McCarrick-Hero in Periwinkle in the Park

Bouquet of Brides releases this month. Today we look at the hero in my story, “Periwinkle in the Park.”
Clayton McCarrick, rancher and hunter, is about to become a victim at the hands of the government—again. He’s determined to keep them from taking his land. At the end of a rifle, if necessary.
When talk of a national park threatens Clay’s livelihood, he works to persuade one of the major lobbyists, an attractive nature guide, to sway her vote. Surely, if she could see how the potential Rocky Mountain National Park would affect those living within the proposed borders, she would work to stop such a travesty.

Clay is a rugged cowboy but a wound in his past is what fuels his tough exterior. The lovely nature guide helps to open his heart and strolls in as easily as if she were hiking through an alpine meadow. Clay may have been bracing for a fight, but he wins a different battle thanks to Periwinkle Winfield.

Kathleen E. Kovach is a Christian romance author published traditionally through Barbour Publishing, Inc. as well as indie. Having grown up in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park was her playground. She lives in northeast Colorado with her husband of over four decades and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. An award-winning author, she presents spiritual truths with a giggle, proving herself as one of God's peculiar people. Please visit her at

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Kathy Kovach... said...

Thank you, Mary! Clayton is one of my favorites.

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