Wednesday, November 14, 2018


By Kathleen E. Kovach

In the height of the singing cowboy era in Hollywood, Zadie Fitzgerald takes advantage of her local movie theater in Manhattan, New York. There is nothing better than cheering on her favorite actor and booing the villain. A successful artist, she learns of an opportunity to stay on an Arizona dude ranch and illustrate covers for a famed western novelist.

Zadie’s dream is to meet a real cowboy. She’s bored with city boys and has romanticized the tall, rugged horsemen that has filled her Saturday afternoons.
Once on the ranch, she spots just the right cowboy and asks if he'll model for the cover. Royce Rutger is reluctant at first but soon acquiesces. Thrilled to be able to spend quality sketching time with a real cowboy, Zadie is beside herself with joy.
But not all is what it seems.
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Kathleen E. Kovach is a Christian romance author published traditionally through Barbour Publishing, Inc. as well as indie. Having grown up in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park was her playground. She lives in northeast Colorado with her husband of over four decades and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. An award-winning author, she presents spiritual truths with a giggle, proving herself as one of God’s peculiar people. Please visit her at

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Your name sounds so familiar, Kathleen. Maybe it's the alliteration.

Bonnie Engstrom

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