Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Who is tired of wearing a face mask?


Since masks are necessary these days and I’m bored with my current T-shirt knit masks, I thought I would make a few new ones.


On YouTube, I saw where people make masks out of all sorts of things. One that piqued my interest is a no-sew style made out of socks. So in the holiday spirit, I purchased a pair of Christmas socks from Dollar Tree.

How cute will that kitty cat look on my face?
I want to try a couple of different ones and see how they turn out. They might be total failures, but for a buck, they are worth a try.

Attempt #1

In the above image, you can see where I cut the sock off at the heel.

Then I cut off the top and cut up the middle of one of the kitty faces. I laid it flat and cut about a four inch opening about a half inch from the edge for ear holes.

I left the bottom and top long so I could fold them in to create a filter “pocket” if I want to use one.

Attempt #2

Then with he foot part I made another mask. I cut off the green toe part but left on the heel part to see if that would work for going over the nose. I cut up the top of the foot piece and cut ear holes.

Here are the results.

On the inside of the kitty one, the top and bottom that were folded in and curled. I didnt like the way that felt on under my nose and on my mouth. On the next one, though the heel worked for going over the nose and had the swoop under the eyes, there was no way I wanted to walk around with a big green nose. But the straight red and white striped pushed up under my eyes too much, so I cut curves down for under the eyes. Much better.

Attempt #3

This one is with a shorter sock.

I cut off the toe and heel. I cut up one side, but I left the top band on to see how that would work. I cut ear holes on both the top snowman part and the poinsettia part. I left that lower part again for a filter holder if I wanted to use one.

The band from the top of the sock caused too much tension and the ear bands pulled off my ears. Like I did with the red and white striped one, I cut curves under the eyes. I did leave a little of the band over the nose for more coverage. And this mask is reversible. I can wear the poinsettias on the outside.


I’m counting this as a success. It was fun! And simple. I love to sew, but I like that these are no-sew. I plan to make a few more with a winter theme but not Christmas for January and February.

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