Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Since masks don’t seem to be going away any time soon and most masks fog my glasses—which means I either can’t see or I can’t see—I decided to hunt for a better mask design. There are so many different designs and many that claim to be no-fog.
I have seen ads for these plastic frame-cup sort of things that have holes in them and then a mask goes over them to keep the mask from getting sucked into the mouth and nose. I thought it sounded great, because I don’t like it when I suck the mask fabric into my mouth. I feel as though I’m suffocating. I wanted to try something like that, but didn’t want to spend the money on it and find out I didn’t like it.

So, when I went searching on YouTube for a no-fog mask design—I found several—I came across one that also had a frame-cup-thingy that could be easily made and for cheap—out of craft foam.

I made one and several masks from the downloadable patterns. I made the lilac one first as a prototype as I was changing the pattern from not being reversible to reversible. I also decided against the eyelets and having the elastic go through both the mask and foam frame. That way I could more easily throw the mask into the washer. I discovered I needed an extension for the elastic without the eyelets. I also chose to tie the elastic rather than put on the clip thing.
I added the pink lace later and altered the pattern for future mask variations. Then I made one of a different color lace. The inside is white with pale pink butterflies. I made another one that was blue flowers on one side and pink flowers on the other.
I found this adorable white cat fabric to make this style of mask for my hubby. I chose black with white musical things for the reverse side.

I have seen people with some really fun masks. One that I knew I must have—or rather make—was a sparkly one. I love sparkles, so I found the fabric and made myself one. And now for the mask of my dreams!

I LOVE it! It almost makes me eager for masks to be worn the rest of my life. NOT! But it will be more tolerable now.

Here are the links to the YouTube videos so if you want to make this mask, you can watch the videos. The first video has the foam liner put together with a heavy-duty glue. There was no way I wanted that glue near my face to be breathing it in. This person then came out with a liner version sewing the liner. That’s the one I chose.

~New Mask With Foam Liner by Epbot
~Foam Liner WithOUT Glue by Epbot

Conclusion: Though the foam liner kept the mask from sucking against my mouth, I didn’t like it because it felt hot against my face, so I won’t be using it. I do like the style of the mask as it has depth to keep it away from my mouth unless I breathe heavily. It comes high enough up on my nose and down around my chin to cover everything it needs to and feels comfortable. If I put my glasses on top of the mask on my nose and breathe normal, my glasses mostly don’t fog. So, overall, I would call this a win.

Confession Time: I don’t believe masks are effective against this virus, but as long as stores and the government require them, I will wear them in public. I will wear them not only because they are required but out of consideration for those who feel masks do work. So, if I have to wear a mask, I’m going to have pretty ones!

Praying you all stay healthy!



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